The Pay Today Revolution

Buy receivables, support good businesses and profit from your idle funds!

Everyone wins

Sell your receivables and
within 48 hours
get paid
Buy a receivable and earn

The Revolution is Here!

An End to Deferred Payment
Executives, join the revolution! Don’t wait for your money any longer. Focus on running your business. With CREDITPLACE, you are paid as soon as you issue your invoice, helping you improve your cash flow without burdening your balance sheet with more debt.
The New Economy
CREDITPLACE cuts out the middlemen and harnesses the power of the masses for the benefit of businesses and investors. Businesses avoid the burden of deferred payments and dependence on banks and obsolete financing. Investors now have access to high quality investment opportunities previously reserved for professionals.
Profitable Investment Channel
Investors, you can join the revolution, too! Now you can have access to a lucrative channel for solid and liquid investments. For the first time, you will be able to invest in transactions from stable, high quality firms, and earn an appealing return on your investment.

How it Works?

NIS 118,876,494

Transactions volume

Alternative financial channel
Solution to cash flow problems
Immediate financing within 48 hours
Easy-to-use online system that gives you complete control
NIS 1,334,467

Return to Investors

Annual yield: 4.5% -7.5%
Short term investment of 30-120 days
Carefully screened receivables
Advanced and friendly trading platform