About Creditplace

Creditplace is leading the Pay Today revolution and offering a solution for deferred payments. For the first time, investors and business owners are joining hands and making more money using our innovative yet simple method. Creditplace's system offers a direct connection between businesses looking to shorten their credit days and investors seeking for low risk, short term, high yield opportunities. Our platform is designed as a trading arena. Invoices are offered for sale, and investors are free to choose according to their individual preferences. Everybody wins.
Creditplace was established in early 2013 by a group of senior economists and analysts with extensive experience in international capital markets and online trading systems. Our team is responsible for performing due diligence and financial examination of the businesses and investors involved, in order to ensure that transactions are completed successfully and maintain a reliable, fair and safe trading system.

People behind Creditplace

Dekel Golan, Co-founder, Executive Chairman
Dekel Golan is one of the founders of Creditplace and serves as Chairman of the Board. After managing the business development activity of Shufersal and serving as adviser for several global firms including Kellogg's, Mr. Golan took part in founding companies in the natural resources sector, Apex Silver and APC. Mr. Golan also founded and currently serves as CEO of the publicly traded company Chaarat Gold Holdings, and invests in a number of start-ups as well as serving as director in a few of them. Mr. Golan has extensive experience in business development, both in emerging markets and developed countries, and serves as adviser for many companies in Israel and abroad.
Serge Aziza, Co-founder and non-executive Director
Serge Aziza has over 20 years of experience in technology development, including cloud computing, virtualization, and software systems. Two of the companies Mr. Aziza founded, Amosdk and Sanblt, were sold after reaching profits of 90 and 50 million dollars, respectively. Today, Mr. Aziza serves primarily as a consultant for companies in several different sectors, including finance, media (social folder), and medicine (human extensions). Mr. Aziza is a graduate of the Technion Technological Institute of Haifa in software engineering.
Valérie Kaliski, Group CEO
Former Director of Rothschild & Co AM where she developed and coordinated the European business development, Valerie has strong international experience and capacity in settling new businesses on international scale. She performed 3 years audit in Australia before joining the asset management industry. Valerie is graduated from ESCP Europe Masters degree.
Omer Rotem,
Omer is a certified public accountant, with B.A in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University. Omer previously served as an economist for Teva Pharmaceuticals and as an analyst for BDO accounting group's advisory firm. Has vast experience in financing and of advanced financial modeling. In his last role Omer served as issuing manager for Poalim IBI, where he gained extensive knowledge of the Israeli capital market, and took part in the issuance of debt for several billion NIS.
Jonathan Arad, Head of Product and Marketing
Jonathan holds a double major B.A. from Tel Aviv University in Economics and East Asian studies, and a M.Sc. degree in Engineering from the Technion. Working in US financial markets as a Futures trader and Trade Floor Manager for 2 years, Jonathan gained experience and expertise in macro-economics, complex financial instruments, and markets analysis. After his Master’s degree Jonathan worked in WhiteWater, a software company selling software solutions to water companies worldwide, as a Sales and Marketing manager. His next project was being the Co-founder and CMO of a startup company, wanna.
Daniel Lederer,
VP Engineering
Daniel is a graduate of software Engineering and a B Sc. In micro-computers from the Jerusalem College of Technology. Daniel has extensive experience in complex software development in various domains such as Web and on-line marketing fields. Prior to joining Creditplace in 2017, Daniel served as R&D manager in WilliamHill and as VP R&D at ICQ . He also served as Senior R&D manager at BMC Software.